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This tea is a little funny. Brewed up it smells like cherry. Cherry left in some damp gym socks. I’m a little scared to take a sip.
The taste isn’t bad but it’s a little blah. I get a hint of green and the idea of some kind of flavoring but not much. Woohoo it doesn’t taste like gym socks! But it is rather boring.

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Mmmm. This smells like the best liquour dark chocolates ever. This makes me think of college when I would send chocolates to my now fiance more. I would sometimes send him a box of little chocolate mice filled with different ganaches and he would share them with me. This smells just like the fillings of one of the little mice (I think the cinnamon dark chocolate one).
This tastes dark, smokey, and slightly sweet. It has an incredible mouthfeel, dense and rich. I am in the mood for a little sweetness, so milk and sugar are being added but this can definitely stand on its own. I get a really neat little bourbon aftertaste.

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Mmm that sounds good and such a cute story! Mice though ewwee lol


Chocolate mice! I must find me some chocolate mice! They sound adorable. And delicious.


They are actually pretty cute little guys – http://www.burdickchocolate.com/MiceorPenguins/chocolate-mice.aspx
The tails are different colored shiny ribbon. Haha, you can kind of do the Scar from The Lion King thing and lift them up from the tail to nibble.


omg they’re adorable! I’m not sure I’d be able to bring myself to eat them. (Oh, who’m I kidding… [chompchompchomp])


MUST BUY!!! I think I want the penguins, just for fun!


So So sweet <3


The mice are adorable! But the penguin filling has me hooked in to buy some – lemon and dark chocolate?? Yum!


I so need this.

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It takes forever for me to describe the tea here, so Teaser! I am calling this my Baclava Tea. I also tormented this poor tea and broke several tea laws. I noted my rule violations at the bottom of my post

My fiance got this for me… like last year. Or maybe even longer ago. So I suck. And now, so might this tea! Time to find out :)
No brewing instructions because this came from a little pharmacy on Canal St. I guessed 195 because it’s an oolong and decided to start with 3 minutes.
This thing is so cool – I haven’t had a blooming tea in years. Right now it’s deployed its oolong tentacles and is floating and spinning at the top of the pot like an anemone space ship.
And… then it descends, still spinning and lands, all of a sudden.

The liquor is still really light. And, confession, I totally forgot how long I have been steeping it for, distracted by the Space Tea. So I’m guessing on the time. I poured my first cup at around 3 minutes.

First cup: I let my mother have the first sip because I do not have a mouth of steel. She couldn’t taste anything, said it was too hot. My sister agreed but added “comforting” though.
Okay, my thoughts (geeze, BlueKitty, get on with it!!). It smells like honey. And it actually tastes really good! It has a nice nutty flavor without astringency. I feel like I just ate baclava actually… mmm. It has that oolong quality where it lingers in your mouth and throat.
You know what, enough said. This rocks. I am so pleasantly surprised! Tea lasts freaking forever, I guess.

… want to hear how I stored this? You will cringe I swear.

I got it 2 Christmases ago, I think. I stored it in a cabinet. Then I moved to nyc. It came with me. It lived above the stove there. Then I moved back. It went into a temporary greenhouse outside where many of my possessions got absolutely destroyed. This somehow was spared. Then I moved the bag to the cabinet opposite the stove over my sink for a year. Then I found it, squeed, and added it to my tea cabinet in a little sealed container.
So, all the tea violations here: ~2 years old. Kept over stove. Kept in hot humid conditions. And yet, freaking incredible.
And now I miss nyc again :(

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Loved your note, haha :P

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I really wanted to like this tea. I actually saved it for the right time to drink it. I finally brought it out in the AM when I was relaxed but needed a little bit of a zing.
And you know what? I really hate to say it but I couldn’t even finish this. (Let me stop right here and say that I am not usually a pineapple fan, so your milage absolutely might vary). It tasted like chemicals to me. I can’t really say what because I waited for a while to write this review because I felt so bad about disliking it. But I really hated it :( I followed the instructions, drank it mindfully and just… nope.

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I think I might just not be as fond of 52teas as everyone else is. I am getting strawberries, but it’s not the best or most pleasant strawberry flavor I have gotten. And I’m not tasting a ton of butteriness for some reason. I like buttery green teas but I’m not getting pancake flavor. It’s not bad but it’s not exciting either.

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Daniel Scott

I tend to like his flavouring but dislike his base teas, which kinda ruins it a bit for me…although I really like his new black base. (I hated the last one!)


Daniel me too, I don’t like the base and maybe it’s me but it carries over so much that I can’t do it. Too bad really.


I think that’s an accurate statement for me as well. I’ve found ways to enjoy a number of his blends though, but they’re not my favourite by any means. I do enjoy the Cinnabon one though heh other than that, they’ve been hit and miss but not nearly as bad as adagio for me shudder


@sil – misery loves company (or at least verification!) – I’m glad to hear I’m not the only person disappointed (usually, not always) by Adagio.

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Mmmm. Smells like buttery coconut.
I don’t know if the flavor works for me. I taste the vegetal aspect of the oolong, like stewed fiddleheads and then the butteriness of both the coconut and the oolong, but the addition of sweetness of the coconut just seems kind of funny to me.

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This tea is so visually pleasing – I love the way the berries look amongst the tea leaves.
This brewed up lighter than I was expecting but the package notes that a second steep of ~4 minutes is recommended.
This tastes buttery! It is like a berry cobbler or something. Wow good :)
I really like the way the berry flavors work with the green tea – I get a really nice round fullness of the berries that is supported by the buttery green. This is such a brilliant idea for a tea combo! Or rather, a really simple idea that came out absolutely perfectly.
This was a sample for the virtual tea tasting here this September… I think I might need to order more of this when I have a tea budget again.

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drank Troika by Kusmi Tea
124 tasting notes

Remember those chocolate oranges they had in the 90s? This smells just like them.
This tastes lightly sweet with a lingering floral or orange aftertaste. Not positive that I love this, but I was craving a nice black tea. I like this with milk – it brings out the orange floral notes.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 45 sec

It’s fun how tastes evolve and change over the years. When I was younger, I hated orange chocolate; now, I love those chocolate oranges. I admit that half the fun is breaking it open and eating the slices, as if it were actually an orange, but I love the flavour too, now. Omnomnom.


Sure – make me need to track one down now! :)


I got one a month or so ago at World Market! I couldn’t believe you could get them outside of Christmas!


I’ve heard good things about this particular brand, but haven’t tried it myself, yet: http://amzn.com/B004RBEQZI :D

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drank Citrus PILEDRIVER by 52teas
124 tasting notes

This was really vegetal – almost like a green tea with zest. I definitely taste the mate but I wasn’t getting much, if any, of the citrus flavor.
Regardless, this was a great tea to wake up with. Our dog this morning (I own a grooming salon) was the sweetest golden… unless anyone touched her front feet! At which point she would try to bite. We took a short break halfway through and I made a matcha shake. The combo was great for staying energized and calm.

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drank Chocolate Cake by DAVIDsTEA
124 tasting notes

I used 2 tsps of this. I feel like I’m getting the flu – all chilled :( So I figured some chocolate tea therapy was in order!
This smells so delicious – like a cup of brownies. The liquid is kind of cloudy like cider.
The chocolate flavor was decent but not as present as I would have liked.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Aww, I hope you feel better soon! =(


Thanks! It was just a 24hr bug – I’m up and raring to go again :)


That’s wonderful news! There’s a thing going around that’s knocking people out for weeks at a time. Glad to hear your thing skidaddled after a day. =)

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I’m a writer and as such, am obviously an emotional rollercoaster. I used to drink tea a lot more, but kind of stopped and switched to coffee. Now, after too much stress, I’m completely unable to drink coffee anymore, so I figured tea would fulfill some of my “awake” needs as well as calm my emotions. I’m working my way through a huge selection of samples of pretty much everything, leaving notes so I remember what I like.
I love being adventurous and trying new things, even (especially?) things that sound strange or off-putting. Aside from tea I also enjoy tasting wines. The last really interesting one I tried was a dandelion wine! (And yes, it actually was delicious. Extremely bizarre and herby, but delicious).

I don’t have a set of numerical ratings set down yet, mainly because I’m very intuitive (read: disorganized and opinionated) about how I rate things. Basically, If something is in the 70-85 range, it’s pretty good, totally drinkable. Below that, in the 50-69 range, it was probably incredibly boring. I really hate boring tea. Below 50, I wouldn’t drink it again and might not have finished it (I actually really hate leaving ratings below 50, it makes me feel bad. I’m probably too nice). If it’s above 85 then I really liked it. Super high ratings are reserved for teas that totally blew me away.



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