7 Tasting Notes

drank Spiced Green by Adagio Teas
7 tasting notes

Steeped at 180f for 3 mins, one tsp per cup.

I was apprehensive when I opened the package because the aroma that hit smelt like a scented candle shop or a christmas pudding when someone has overkilled the cinammon. My wife on the other hand loves the smell saying in reminds her of the chai she once had in Sri Lanka.

I personally found the taste acceptable, but not as clean as the other teas I have bought from Adagio – the ginger, cinammon and ‘chai flavouring’ aftertaste was a little overpowering for me. Slightly astringent on back of my tongue, too.

So basically, just a bit too ‘busy’ for me. My wife loved it, but she doesn’t get a vote!

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I steeped this at 180f for 3 mins.

I regard Adagio as my new ‘go to’ store as a newbie – they have never upsold me and their teas have all been very drinkable – this was no exception.

A very smooth tea, with no bitter aftertaste, almost to the extent that I was thinking it would have been a little bland were it not for the citrus taste to it. It is very fragrant, I was worried it would taste a little bit like ‘lemsip’ (UK based cold and flu sufferers will get the reference), but actually I was getting more orange than grapefruit in the brew – I believe there is orange peel on the label.

Very nice clean aftertaste, my breath even felt fresh – none of that vile coffee breath.

3 good steeps from the leaves. This is the most I have ever done, and I didn’t notice any diminution in taste or aroma.

In conclusion, would buy again! A palpable hit!

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drank White Blueberry by Adagio Teas
7 tasting notes

I didn’t approach this initial review with great expectations – I am away from home, and had to deviate from my filtered water and thermometer approach – so it was Chicago tap and eyeballing the water in a saucepan….so theoretically 180F steeped for 4 mins.

That being said, I loved this tea. It did just what it said it would on the packet – soft taste, hint of blueberry and very refreshing aftertaste – so much so that I had to rummage through the trash to check they hadn’t stuck some mint in there (they hadn’t).

None of the metallic/bitter taste I experienced with the other white tea I have tried (Snow Geisha), and no need for any sugar, for me at least it was plenty sweet. As I am sipping it now,, it reminds me of cream soda for some reason. Go figure. No blueberries in that, surely?

All that and 7.5 Oz cost me about 20 bucks, which is a steal compared to where I have been shopping recently,

Best white flavoured tea ever in my limited experience.

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drank Snow Geisha by Teavana
7 tasting notes

Cold steeped for 24 hours in a mason jar.

Far more subtle flavour than my 175F attempt, very floral aroma and taste, with less of a metallic aftertaste than that version. I also tasted a very mild hint of fruit, more so than in the hot version.

The colour in the mason jar was a a pale straw colour (hint for the people taking this into work in a glass jar – try not to, unless you want urine sample gags for the rest of the day).

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Cold steeped for 24 hours in a Mason jar.

A very light infusion, the leaves ended up looking green rather than black.

The aroma was quite earthy, I have to confess I didn’t detect any floral tones to it. Reminded me a strong black tea one of my Irish aunts used to brew until you could stand a spoon in it. Makes sense I suppose!

I drank it unsweetened and it was perfectly drinkable – quite subtle for a black tea, with no real tannic afterkck to it. I agree with a previous reviewer, there was a nutty texture to it, but if I left it on the tip of my tongue there was a metallic tinge to it, almost bitter.

I bet some sugar and lemon would have made this liptonesque (supposed to be a compliment), but I am trying to do this the healthy way!

Not a bad cold drink on a hot day, not sure I would buy again though.

I will update the second steep tomorrow!

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drank Blackberry Mojito by Teavana
7 tasting notes

Steeped for 2 minutes at 175F, as per tin!

Inspection prior to steeping doesn’t seem to show a lot of green tea leaves, but a lot of dried fruit, which makes me wonder about the actual classification of this as a green tea blend.

That said, it tasted very nice, with a pleasant blackberry aroma. initially it tasted tart on the tounge but then the blackberry and apple came through, with a pleasant fresh aftertaste. I assume this was the mint catching me on the rebound, because I didn’t smell or taste it before or during imbibing.

The second steeping was a LOT weaker than the first run. The colour was also a lot paler, so I am guessing this is a one and done infusion, either that or I need to double the steeping time. The initial brew was a healthy purple and almost glowed in the sunlight.

That said, it made for a very pleasant drink, my main gripe would be I am slightly concerned about how much green tea I actually drank – which was the whole point of the exercise!


Hi there new person. This is one of the only Teavana tea’s I like. I tastes like real Blackberries to me if you steep it a long time. I used to pick berries with my kids in the Coast Mountains close to Santa Cruz California and both my daughter and I like this tea for those memories.


I can’t spell either. Er…I is it…oh well…welcome to Steepster!


Hello not-so-new person. I have just tried this cold-brewed for 24 hours in the fridge in a mason jar – a lot less cough droppy, a lot more subtle. Of course it helped that it was hot outside and my a/c was broken in my car.

Thanks for the hello!

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drank Snow Geisha by Teavana
7 tasting notes

So I have steeped this for 2 mins at 175F ( as per the Teavana tin), and 1 min ( as per this page). The main difference was less of a bitter aftertaste at 1 min than at 2. Otherwise pretty similar.

Have steeped twice with no noticable decline in flavour (in my limited opinion).

It smelt very fragrant and floral but imo didn’t taste of a whole load of cherry – if anything very delicate and a little bland. I wonder if they have reformulated it since the original reviews? Not tasting any cherry coughdrop at all, perfectly drinkable, but a little boring for my newbie palate.

Have about a cup or two sloshing in my stomach at present and feeling pretty chilled, so it must be doing something right. Would I buy this again? Probably not, that said I have about a pound of he stuff in a tin and I’m not kicking myself for buying it, so that’s a qualified victory, yes?

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