34 Tasting Notes

drank White Christmas by Lupicia
34 tasting notes

The very generous jump62359 included a sample bag of this along with a few other tasty treats. I’ve never had anything from Lupicia before, but I knew I was in trouble from the moment I took a big whiff of the pyramid-shaped bag. I brewed it up in short order, but found myself too impatient to let it sit and cool. Turns out a slightly scalded tongue was worth it when it comes to this tea. The flavor is nutty and vaguely reminiscent of quality popcorn, with sweet notes playing beneath it from what I assume is the white chocolate. The fruitiness comes out as well, and conjoins with the other tastes to produce a really lovely tea. If this is par for the course in terms of quality, I suspect I’m going to be placing an order with Lupicia very soon.

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Got this from my swap with Eva. I was a little leery of more pumpkin-flavored tea, as the last one I had was not to my taste. This one surprised me by being rather chai-like in terms of flavor and spiciness. I may have oversteeped a bit, since the liquid ended up being very dark and the initial flavors were stronger than I’d anticipated. There wasn’t much creaminess to it – which, again, maybe have been a victim of my chronic oversteeping tendencies – but I can’t say I missed it much given the flavorful punch that was delivered instead. The clove is prominent, with the sweetness of the molasses/caramel being slightly more subdued, but still present. Even though I expected the leaves to be spent after my initial (long) steep, I was surprised that it still retained enough flavor to make a second steep worthwhile.

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One of the indulgences that got me through my undergraduate work. I’m not the biggest hibiscus fan, and mentioning a tea that has a “floral” taste usually sends me scurrying in the other direction. Curiously, this blend appeals to me anyway. The flavor is cool and soothing, likely due to the heavy dose of mint it contains. Beware overbrewing, as that brings the tartness of the infusion out to the point where I wince a little with every sip I take. If you’re looking for a summer brew, this also happens to be great on ice.

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Probably one of my favorite go-to teas. It has a light, refreshing taste, very palate cleansing and fruity. The first time I sampled it, I expected a little more spice courtesy of the ginger. However, I was – and remain – fairly pleased with the flavor profile overall. I’m a bit of a lazy brewer, but fortunately this tea works just as well iced as it does hot. I’ve found it also has potential when it comes to resteeping, despite being a white tea.

170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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Figured I’ve been around this website long enough that I should put something here. So, I live in California, but not the sunnier bits, and nowhere near the ocean. Mountains on all sides is fairly calming, though. I’m in that murky area between being an adult and being in denial about being an adult. It’s rough, but I’ll probably make it. I love to read, write, and I have a crippling online shopping addiction that recently has been devoted in large part to tea. Big shock, right?

In terms of tea, I tend to gravitate toward vegetal and creamy oolongs, lightly mineral greens, and honeysuckle whites. I do occasionally enjoy a good flavored tea, however.

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