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I made a cup to let run wild a week ago and was quite happy with the honey and cashew notes gaining umami as they thinned. I started a fifth infusion then got whisked away on errands; three hours and my entire energy supply later, I rediscovered it before rinsing the teapot.
Horror filled me as I poured it out. It was as dark as pu’erh. Even so there was no way I was wasting Damn Fine Tea. I’d never been so scared of drinking a tea in my life.
A-aaand it wasn’t bitter? Just a mild wood and nori flavor. Wow. So lesson learned: do not fear fluffy little bunnies.

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Maybe immortality is not a real side effect of osmanthus but smiling certainly is. Usually I find it in oolongs so a green with the famed flower made me happy. Given how dark and brittle the osmanthus look in this blend, I was worried it wouldn’t have any taste but it’s exactly the opposite. The osmanthus flavor is fresh and strong (well, strong for osmanthus) like it was just harvested. I think the floral citrusy taste works much better with the light buttery grassiness of green tea than the plum and peach of most of the green oolongs osmanthus is usually used to scent. It makes me wonder how well it would do with white tea or lemon verbena. Definately picking up a bit more of this.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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I’m not sold on this Logan series on Masterpiece but I am on Black Currant Tea! This was part of my epic SweeTea from JacquelineM and the first black currant tea I’ve ever had. The dry leaf has such a great refreshing smell. Steeped it stays fruity with just a hint of walnuty Bai Mu Dan mixed into the bushel of berries shoved into this tea. Sorting through the leaves, there aren’t many tips but it’s not crushed fannings either, so this is a good base for flavors in my opinion. The flavor and scent make this one of the most energizing white teas I’ve had.
This is really fun. I can think of too many things it would accompany perfectly. Irish soda bread. Mrs Marple. Raisin bran. Doctor Who. Definately picking this up if I ever can.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 15 sec

Yeah, I think Any Human Heart is a bit on the schmaltzy side, but I love Matthew Macfadyen. I think he’s a great actor and saves the parts he’s in! Otherwise – meh. We didn’t even watch the last one, cuz I figured it would be uberschmaltzy since the end of Logan’s life was drawing near! We watched the polar opposite – the last episode of Spartacus, Gods of the Arena. Oh dear.


I didn’t watch it in full. My mother watched it and I caught bits and pieces of it and the first few minutes walking by. Think I developed a few cavities on the way. I retreted to my room with a stack of manga.=/
Shoot! I forgot That was on. They must be runnning it again this week.

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

I totally agree with Jacqueline about Any Human Heart and Matthew Macfadyen (I think my husband looks like him =) ). I actually thought the last part was the best out of the bunch – old crotchety Logan did some crazy things.

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Good savory sweet green background for a satisfying jasmine tea. I think there’s some vanilla orchids in this green’s bouquet. Maybe there’s something wrong with me today. Don’t care. Comfort tea, crappy day.

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For some reason I want sweet tea instead of savory today. I found this sample from Ellen after staring forlornly at my far too empty staple silver needle tin. Given the silver sleet drowning Illinois at the moment, it was a perfect fit for dessert and my penchant of matching a tea to the situation.
But this is quite savory a silver needle! Four steepings all tasted like jasmine broth, I’d say zucchini and konbu based with some vanilla at the start. It’s thin and has that distinct white mouthfeel seem to crave more and more. Each had undoubtedly jasmine notes, yet this isn’t scented. I had it beside a Bai Mu Dan as well, so I know it’s not me now.
Absolutely delicious, but not enough for the night. (Gestures to the aforementioned Bai Mu Dan) I’m not sure this tea would ever be satiating on its own, more of a hold over between other teas. I love it anyway.

160 °F / 71 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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I was feeling woodsy for post matcha hydration so my go-to forest green was the usual choice. Although afterwards I behaved oddly. Water was cooler and, once brewed, I let it cool to room temperature. Given how good this is hot, I kicked myself a few times then took a sip and sat down.
Oh. My. Sacred. Stars.
In that timeframe, it somehow transformed into vanilla cream butter. There were notes of coconut, honey, some of the usual vegetation. Had I made sencha by mistake? Could someone had used my cup for milk and some dried in it? It was so rich tasting I had to put it down and sip at it.
The second infusion I tried to replicate the steeping temp and a bit more time but the water must’ve been a smidge hotter. No sencha, no cup contamination, there was still vanilla creme although a darker wood taste fought with it. And won. But it was still delicious. Definately a daytime dessert.

160 °F / 71 °C 4 min, 30 sec

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With the recent purchase of amazing apricot and plum jams this oolong will get a lot of love this week. Today it was showered with seven cups worth and the eighth is steeping along now. I tried it at 200 F today for the first few and it came out very much like a toasty TGY with a dollop of peach preserves. I dropped the temperature to 190 and it swung back to light nectarine with plum in the background. It’s so easy to pair this oolong with a certain fruit or be careless and let it run wild while multitasking.
Ah! There’s the timer.

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drank Arjuna by Zhi Tea
177 tasting notes

Six steeps from this last pot. Smoke carried through and stone fruit notes popped in for steeps 3-5. Even then the leaves reained some shape! Zhi doesn’t have this available, which is fine by me. This was much like a museum exhibit; a couple times is quietly astounding and enough.


but we do have the eagle nest! same estate. awesome tea.


I found that out searching for this one. Not exactly the eye candy of Arjuna but it’s supposed to taste similar. Part of the infinately growing “To order later” list…

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drank Rosy Earl Grey by Teas Etc
177 tasting notes

This was my sipping tea for the 15 hour shower of gloom today, to be brewed with breakfast and left on my desk and slowly be drained through the day. This is because I was a bit scared to make it; the bergamont smell had that perume like strength. And I’ve found both Earls and Jasmine green best cooler.

Great choice for the day! This was delicious cool and all of the flavors are easy to sort out and enjoy in a few sips. The jasmine and bergamont pair so harmoniously I have to wonder why this isn’t as common as the two bases! The green isn’t detectable but a hint of the black base adds a ground to the garden.
Second steep: Hmm. The leaves smell nice even across the room. Should I risk a weak cup of beauty for a good strong scent? I’ll compromise by smiffing the tin thoughout the day.
Still good, more jasmine than I expected and less rose. Worth the loss of the brewed scent.
But I can smell the tin! And stare at the leaves as well! I wish I had the money to buy another glass jar and fill it with this tea. It would match my rose tuocha jar. =)
Another gloomy day brightened by tea from JacquelineM. Thanks!

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drank Haute Chocolate by Teavana
177 tasting notes

I love chocolate. I hate red rooibos. Will love conquer all?
Whoo! Yes it does! Rooibos I can love! Which makes perfect sense because everything is better with chocolate.
And chocolate this is! Ginger, raw cacao, and cocoa are very strong with this one. The first cup was so strong it almost aggrivated my sore throat instead of curing it. I tried the second steep with chocolate almond milk (cocoa gone in the first cup) and it still was strong enough to clean my throat, nose, and the windows. And the best part? This rooibos was nutty, overwhelmed and tasted good. Thanks to KeenTeaThyme for swapping!

Boiling 6 min, 15 sec

I’m glad this worked out better for you. :)

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