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drank Chocolate Orange by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

This is only pu erh I have in my cupboard. I don’t think I would have liked this a couple months ago but I do! The smell is off putting but the taste is earthy and refined. I don’t really get chocolate but I do taste the orange in there.

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I picked this up as part of my haul at the ottawa tea festival today, and decided it would be my first cup!

I was so intrigued by the smell of this (like mint mixed with hot cinnamon hearts), but was a bit worried about how it would taste. I did notice the leaves were larger than what I’m used to (as a tea newbie most of my teas come from David’s tea).

I’m happy to say this tea delivered! It was frankly one of the best black teas I’ve ever had. It was smooth and minty, and surprisingly not spicy like it smells.
I’m very excited to try the other tea I bought from here, and to visit this shop as soon as i can justify it!!

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drank Organic The Glow by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

I’m sure I’ve had this before, but I’ve forgotten to log quite a few on steepster so here goes.

Love the smell of this! Smells like apple pie and homeyness. I’m making it tonight as an evening tea. I love how the spices blend with the floral notes, it creates a very “nice” smell in my entire computer room.

It doesn’t taste as strongly as it smells, but I think that’s a good thing. If I wanted a cup of hot apple cider, I’d make that instead. The spices definitely aren’t very strong at all in the taste. I’m having trouble distinguishing what it actually DOES taste like. It tastes like.. a hot beverage? I get a subtle floral and spice aftertaste. It’s overall just a great evening cup of tea, good for trying to get a little more work done before bed. =)

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drank Chocolate Chili Chai by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

The smell of this up close kindof reminds me of.. like a muddy rainy lawn. Like wet vegetation. But, from farther away, just having the mug on my desk, it smells much sweeter and more appetizing. So far, two coworkers have come by my desk to determine the source of the heavenly “baking” smell in the office. =p

This is definitely a black tea, but the chocolate comes through towards the end of the sip. The peppercorns come through similar to Read My Lips. Not so much as “spicy hot”, but more as adding depth to the flavour. I would almost describe it as “tasting warm”? If that’s a thing? As the cup cools, the tea base is taking more of a back seat to the flavourings, which I don’t mind that much (I’m more of a fan of herbals and rooibos drinks).

I would not call this a “sweet” tea, despite the chocolate notes. It does have nice depth of flavour though. And, despite coworkers telling me otherwise, the smell just is a bit “wet cut grass” for my tastes.

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drank Alpine Punch by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

I’m on my second steep of this as today’s daily tea at work. I have to say, after adding this tea to the pile I’ve tried, Rooibos is DEFINITELY my thing! I always seem to love them.

This one is smooth and fruity (although not overly so), nutty (although nto overly so), sweet (although not overly so), and has a spiciness to it (although… guess what.. not overly so) and with just a touch of creaminess.

So basically, it’s a great all around tea, that doesn’t bash you in the head with any of its flavours, but holds them all in a delicate balance that is just lovely. =)

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drank Choconut Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

Disclaimer: I forgot about this while it was steeping, so it may be incredibly oversteeped..

It smells great. But, after the first sip, something funny was up.. After reading a couple steepster comments (and my bag), I realized it’s the licorice root. I think this is my first tea I’ve tried that contains it. Not sure how I feel about it.. I like the chocolate nuttiness of the tea, but the licorice is definitely the aftertaste. It isn’t necessarily BAD. I just need to figure out whether I like it or not! I’ll hold off on rating it for now, for that reason.

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drank White Chocolate Frost by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

I was super excited for this tea, as I thought it might work as a decaf version of Read My Lips.

The smell wasn’t one of my favourites in the store, but I wanted to try it anyways. It smells extremely pepperminty, and leaves a weird greenish ring around my cup. But, the taste! It tastes like white chocolate and mint and deliciousness. It isn’t the same flavour as read my lips, but its similar, and dare I say I like it more? Because I love it! And it’s decaf, so it makes the PERFECT dessert tea for me. Love it.

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I had this over the weekend at my parents house – my mom had a sample of this and I wanted to try it.

Firstly, this review won’t be 100% accurate since ALL my favourite teas were tasting funny on their well water.

The tea looks like dirt in the cup. Like literally, the water was dirty, and left a ring around the mug and everything. It smells kinda musty too. Lots of cinnamon flavours. It smells just like cinnamon hot chocolate, which is pretty delicious. Unfortunately.. doesn’t taste as good as it smells!. Again, this could have been due to the well water but it just didn’t taste like it smelled. It was watery and gritty and icky. No chocolate flavour, and the cinnamon just tasted dirty. I did not like this as much as i thought I would. Didn’t finish the cup.
I should have brought the rest of the sample to try on my water to see if it’s any better, but alas, I forgot.

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

I ended up buying a tin of lots of this tea, since I liked the sample so much.

I’m not sure if its fresher leaves, or the fact that I steeped it with MORE leaves than before (closer to the actual amount you’re supposed to.. i think I was way under leafing with my sample since it was harder to measure), but it’s SO DELICIOUS today! I actually taste chocolate in it now! I always got the mint and spice, but never really the chocolate. Today’s cup, after every sip, feels like i just ate one of those chocolate mint patties.


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drank Bear Trap by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

Another new pick from David’s. Trying it hot, even though I bet it’s way more delicious cold!
This one was kindof a random pick for me. The smell smells a bit.. weird. It’s definitely fruity, but also leafy, and not overly sweet smelling.

It tastes strong and tart and also not as sweet as I thought. It’s nice though. It will definitely make a great iced tea.

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Just getting into Teas! Hoping to use this site as a way to keep track of all the ones I try, and whether I like them or not!


Ottawa, Ontario

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