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Ironically enough, I think I’m least enthused with the manager of all of the staff that work there (at least, I’m pretty sure he was/is the manager). Every time I’ve dealt with him I always feel rushed and like I should know what I want before I step foot in the store or else I’m wasting his time.

That being said, everyone else that works at this location is AWESOME. Super helpful, and always trying to go out of their way to make sure you’re happy before you leave the store, even if you didn’t buy anything (because why lie? A bunch of people, me included, go in there solely for free samples). I had a long and complicated order for tea before Christmas, and Kylie always had a smile on her face and was very pleasant while I stood and waited.

Love this place, I go back weekly.



I love tea. And I don’t mean like “I like to drink tea in the mornings”. I mean, I LOVE TEA. I also have an intense love for spreading the news that plants and fungi are the coolest groups of organisms on Earth. If you’d like to learn why I think so, you should visit my blog. I write about one cool plant or fungus every day.


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