44 Tasting Notes

drank Valentines by Adagio Teas
44 tasting notes

I had originally wanted to get a sample of this tea, but Adagio was all out, so I had to get 3 oz. (you think it would be the other way around!). Oh, well part of me is glad I have a lot extra!

This makes the perfect dessert tea. I usually add a splash of almond or soy milk to bring out the flavors even more. I oftentimes find myself with my head in the bag simply enjoying the sweet aroma – it’s just that good. I’ve always been a fan of chocolate covered strawberries and that’s exactly what this is, but in tea form. The rose petals aren’t noticeable in the flavor, so I’m thinking they’re just there for decoration and it to make it seem more romantic. The balance between the strawberry and the chocolate flavor is just right – neither overpower each other. The subtle bitterness and tannins of the ceylon base definitely give it a dark chocolate feel, with a full bodied taste.

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drank Assam Melody by Adagio Teas
44 tasting notes

I just finished my sample of this tea (wow, that didn’t take me long at all!). In other words, I greatly enjoyed this tea. Originally I made the mistake of steeping it for 5 minutes, which, in my opinion, ruined it. I could hardly taste any notes besides bitterness. Steeping it at 3 or 4 really helped bring out more of the flavors.

The smell, oddly enough, reminded me of a humid, hot summer day overblown with moist grass and hay. The taste was very smooth , yet brisk with a noticeable astringency. While nothing really stood out, it made the perfect complement to any one of my lunches and yet it could easily be enjoyed on its own.

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As the self-centered and ever curious Leo I am, I just had to try a blend that was all about me. My initial reaction from the smell and taste: Wow, I didn’t know I was so similar to an orange creamsicle!

For me, the dominating flavors are the earthy, slightly orange rooibos paired with the apple, floral chamomile. I have a hard time discerning the oolong in this blend, but its astringency is slightly there in the aftertaste.

All in all, It’s a relaxing, sweet and floral blend that makes a good evening tea. I would, however, have a hard time drinking more than a cup of day of this tea . The flavors are very prominent and towards the end, my interests slightly wanes.

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drank Rooibos Cocomint by Adagio Teas
44 tasting notes

I bought this tea initially because I love the combination of chocolate and mint, but I wasn’t sure how it would work in a tea- especially rooibos.

I’m pleasantly surprised with the mixture. The smell definitely makes me salivate- the sweet mint and chocolate remind me of mint chocolate chip ice cream or candy. The two flavors do not overpower the tea; however, at first sip the earthy rooibos definitely stands out. The mint and chocolate flavors are more of an aftertaste. I have difficulty recognizing the mint, but the chocolate’s sweetness at the end is definitely palatable.

I’m finishing off my 3 oz. (only really brewed probably four cups so far). So far, I’m not sure if I would buy this tea again, but it’s a possible contender because I’m enjoying the tea the more I have it. I just wish the mint flavor was more dominate (I’m a mint addict!).

Boiling 8 min or more

Yay for mint addicts! If you have some plain mint (most mint nuts do!) I suggest tossing some extra in there. I do it far too often : )


Yeah, that sounds like a good idea- I always have some peppermint around! I, too, do it far too often, which causes my herbal blends to be lopsided!

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I’m currently attending college. I’m just about done with my undergraduate study in art history. In my free time I love playing piano (Chopin!) and composing music. I also enjoy writing poetry. Really, I just love the Romantic period in art (with the exception of the visual arts- go figure) and continually draw my inspiration from that era.

I’m very interested in nutrition and using herbs to heal. Herbs also taste great, so that’s just another bonus! Before I got into tea, I got into herbs first. I think I’m pretty weird in this regard. I can’t imagine many people would find drinking a decoction made from tree bark to be very tasty… and yet I do. Purely for taste, I love peppermint and ginger more than any other herb. I could, and do, drink those almost daily. I also love rooibos and honeybush.

I have a penchant for Indian & Chinese black teas and Japanese greens, but I’ll try anything once. I’m trying to get into other types of tea as well. I prefer to drink my teas plain, but I’ll very seldom add honey to some herbs and specific kinds of other teas like assam.


United States, Ohio

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