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I had this when I was out and was craving some sort of tea. This was the best I could find. The brew is very dark and bitter, and the bergamot is overpowering and musty-tasting. I didn’t like it plain, perhaps it would be improved by milk and sugar?

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drank Chai Tea by Teapigs
223 tasting notes

I had this at Parched Tea Bar earlier, and I thought it was a good (if pretty generic) tasting chai. I had it with milk and a little sugar. It was a little heavy on the ginger, but not unbearably so.

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Adding sugar and milk to this makes it very nearly perfect.. It smooths out the rough edges of the ever-so-slightly astringent black tea base, and brings out the vanilla. It seems more balanced with the cinnamon not taking so much of a lead, but instead it is sharing the spotlight with both the vanilla and the tea base.

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drank Butter Pecan Black Tea by 52teas
223 tasting notes

i have had this for a while, but have only just got round to trying it. The scent of the dry tea is very good – mostly black tea, but with hints of buttery vanilla and a slightly nutty note as well. I also like to see the large chunks of pecan in the blend. While steeping, the butter scent really comes out to play. The taste is mostly black tea with hnts of butter. The pecans are most apparent at the end of the sip.

Now the tea is slightly cooled, the pecan butter flavour is much more pronounced. It is a little bitter, though, in spite of my shorter-than-normal steeping time (I sometimes find 52teas black tea blends a little too strong).

I am having my second cup with cream and sugar. It seems fitting, seeing as this is an ice cream flavour. It works very well! The cream really brings out the buttery aspect of this, but it doesn’t overshadow the pecan flavour.

3 min, 30 sec

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I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this before. I have had it a least half a dozen times. Anyway, the dry scent is really not that pleasant – it smells very artificial and kind of chemical-y. I can’t smell vanilla or apple, but the cardomom and the cinnamon are very prominent.

The steeped tea smells much better. The spices have mellowed out and I can smell the vanilla, and the apple as well, if I really concentrate (but I can also still smell the chemical-y scent, which has me worried). The tea is a light yellow colour.

The taste is not that remarkable. It mostly tastes of the white tea. The spices are very subtle, but even so, I can’t taste the vanilla or the apple, which is quite disappointing. As the cup cools, I can get a little apple, but still no vanilla. Overall, a decent tea, but not something I would drink every day.

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Finished this off today. It was nice while it lasted, but I won’t miss it now it is gone. Had it hot today during a rehearsal so I didn’t really pay that much attention to it, but I left it steeping for ages and after a while the lemon aftertaste became kind of bleachy, but it certainly wasn’t undrinkable.

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All of the teas I have had today have had coconut in them. How odd. I made this during a rehearsal earlier and it managed to get me through a particularly boring couple of hours with its sweet, starchy flavour.

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This is so ridiculously good. I accidently left to go cold after only having a few sips and it is even better cold than hot! The cheesecake part becomes much, much more pronounced cold and it leaves such a delicious aftertaste. This one is getting a higher rating, I had forgotten how much I love it!

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It is so warm here today! So, I decided to have this, as it is a nice, light, summery tea. I haven’t got much left now though, and I will sorely miss it once it is gone. The coconut has a slightly toasty note, but it still manages to be sweet, smooth and buttery.

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I thought I would do something different today and have this tea with milk and just a touch of sugar. It was very sweet, it could probably have done without the sugar, but the milk made it very creamy and it brought out the banana flavour. I might have it with milk more often!

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My love of tea began when I walked into a shop one day and they were giving out samples of jasmine silver needles. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I have been addicted to tea ever since. Jasmine silver needles remains my favourite tea to this day.

I think my favourite types are white teas and oolongs, though I will pretty much drink anything.

Aside from tea, I’m into Star Wars, music, furniture, food, Lilly Dache hats and vintage clothing.


Bolton, UK

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