1137 Tasting Notes

drank Mandarin Mimosa by DAVIDsTEA
1137 tasting notes

This one smelled great, but the flavor was a little tart and strange for me. I added some oat milk, which added a creamy element that it was definitely missing. I personally prefer a lighter, fresher orange flavor. This one was heavy, tangy, candy-like, and artificial. I’ve had it several times now, and I’m just not a fan. Maybe the rooibos base and flavoring don’t get along well. I’m not sure, but there’s something weird happening here.


I wasn’t a fan of this one either, but I might try it iced with an addition to cut the artificial sweetness. I’ve been listening to Steeping Around podcast (Maya tea) where they drink a lot of iced tea in the Arizona heat. He’s got some interesting suggestions for adding to iced tea, muddled herbs, booze, fruit juice. Maybe I’ll play around with this mimosa to sip it down.


Those are some good ideas! I tossed this in my swap box because I guess I give up too easily, but I might try some of their suggestions on some other teas I have!

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I usually don’t love mate, but actually, here it totally works. I get some toastiness and some nice fruitiness. I can’t really identify which fruits, but it all combines together pretty well. I would have never purchased this, but I’m glad I got it as my free sample.


I like the effects of mate much better than the flavor. The blueberry sounds like good camouflage.

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Grabbed a bag from a tea box. This isn’t one of the tastier vanilla honeybush blends I’ve tried. As usual, you get a bit of pepper. The honeybush isn’t weak at all, which was nice, but it also wasn’t the best flavor. I didn’t taste any vanilla. All the reviews seem to agree about this one.

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drank Maple Ginger by Cuppa Geek
1137 tasting notes

I’ve been craving maple, and this didn’t quite hit the spot, but it’s a decent cup of tea. It reminds me of the flavor used in Adagio’s maple creme oolong, which always hit me as more smoky/woody than maple. I get a bit of earthy ginger as well, which goes well with that woodiness. It tastes nice enough with some milk, but it’s far from a favorite.

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Bleh, this one is like 50% rose petals, so I’ve been procrastinating trying it, but it’s the last sample from the advent calendar, so I guess it’s finally time! I definitely taste the sour rose petal flavor, but it sort of works here since blackberries are a little sour. I added some milk, and the main flavor I taste is blackberry, which is decently pleasant. The black tea that’s used as the base is fairly complementary. It sort of reminds me of Harney’s black currant tea. I’m not really a fan, but I don’t hate it as much as I expected.

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I thought I’d tried this one before, but I guess not. Grabbed a sample from the tea box, and I’m glad I did! This is a pretty great breakfast tea! It’s less bold than some, but it makes up for it with a nice biscuit/graham cracker taste. As it cooled, I noticed something more fruity/grapey which I didn’t love as much, but I think I’m still a fan.

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Grabbed this sample from a past tea box. I’d prefer more spice here. The base tea is pretty strong. There’s a bit of pepper. Maybe there’s a little of a different spice. It’s pretty boring, though.

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drank Lemon Tea by Daily Club
1137 tasting notes

Really nice, zingy lemon flavor. It’s like having a lemon bar or something. Really quite lovely with some sugar. I don’t notice the black tea behind it.

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Another B&B tea that contains lapsang – when will I learn? I do get hints of toffee in some sips, but it’s mostly the too-smoky lapsang (though less lapsang than in some of their other blends). If it were just black tea, I’d enjoy this toffee flavor, but the smokiness doesn’t work for me. It’s too strong, and the toffee is too mild. I’ll pass along the rest of this, but I wouldn’t mind trying a different toffee tea from them in the future!

Cameron B.

For some reason I’m just never a fan of smoke and caramel/toffee together.


It’s weird because it sounds like a combination that should work great!


I’m guessing your blend doesn’t have the toffee cubes?

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At first, I get a lovely combination of spices and black tea. It doesn’t need milk, but I’m glad I added some because I feel like it helped bring out the subtler flavors. When I came back to the cup a little later, I definitely tasted the fruitiness, along with some sweetness that must have been the caramel. This one ends up pretty layered and nice!

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I’m an event planner who always has multiple mugs of tea beside me. Hobbies other than tea include board games, video games, cooking international dishes, science fiction, hiking, jigsaw puzzles, tap dancing, reading, listening to podcasts, and playing with my troublesome kitties.

Favorite flavors: dessert flavors, nutty, melon, mint, strawberry, anything rooibos-related.

Don’t prefer: Smoky, rosemary, savory flavors, floral (other than lavender), plain tea.

I always drink flavored tea, and preferably caffeine-free or black. I’ll try just about anything though! Let me know if you’re interested in a swap!

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