I just got back from the tea studio where I did a final inventory count of this tea (& I just finished posting those numbers) – so I thought I’d bring my stash of this one to my pantry & enjoy it. I didn’t keep a lot of it aside for me because I didn’t make a whole lot of it and I had quite a few customers who had asked for it so I wanted to make sure that they got some of it before I indulged myself – because – truth be told, I do have quite a bit of tea for me to indulge in.

I really like how this one turned out. The grapefruit is bright and juicy – but not too tart. I am not particularly fond of tart (which is why you don’t catch me working with hibiscus too often – way too tart for my liking – and when I do work with it, I use just enough to add some body and color but not enough to lend it’s syrupy tartness to the cup.)

But I love grapefruit. Generally, when I indulge in a grapefruit, it isn’t with brown sugar (but I bet that’s really nice) – I tend to sprinkle the top of the grapefruit half with salt which tends to reduce the bitter tartness of it to my palate’s liking.

But I like how the brown sugar essence here tames the tartier notes of the grapefruit just enough so that you know that you’re tasting grapefruit but you’re not getting too much pucker — & you’re not getting too much cloying sweetness from the brown sugar either. A really nice balance.

Anyway, this one’s almost gone so – if it’s one that you’ve been waiting for – please be sure to stop by my website & grab some! I won’t be reblending this one for quite some time!!

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