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It’s kind of odd to review something you sell, but hey… people enjoy a few of my words every once and a while :p

Anyways, ripe tea and I have a hate&dislike relationship. Hoping to upgrade to a love/hate relationship at some point. This is somewhat helping; so is the Chen Yuan Hao ripe teas.

So these things are STRONG at first. Like I just got in the ring for the first time and someone hit me in the kidney. Wait, imagine my kidney is my taste buds as a collected group. This review is weird. I’m still stoned from the Xiaguan. Dangit, I should erase all of that. I mean delete. Next paragraph.

After a bit these ended up brewing this dark orange liquid that reminded me a musky aged raw puerh in a decent to good way. Still, not like other ripe puerhs that I have tried but I really enjoy it for what it is. Still warming up to ripe puerhs outside of the golden needle white lotus, Whispering Pines, Chen Yuan Hao, Black Gold, oh and Green Miracle.
So there’s a few I enjoy, but that’s out of probably 80 by now.

Cost a bit more than typical mini touchas, but as for now I find it to provide a solid session. Going to try porcelain next to see how it comes out.

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drank 2009 Pasha by Xi Zi Hao
1113 tasting notes

Hey everyone! I have been BUSYYYYYYYYYYYY
Anyways, I took a new direction with my company and decided I will hunt down crazy awesome puerh or rare stuff because I want to share the ability for people to experience teas that sometimes I only got to read about like these XZH teas!

So here I was walking outside with a disc in my hand and walked to some flowers for a picture https://www.instagram.com/p/BX1IRVKg7AA/?taken-by=liquidproust

Not sure if anyone had any idea what that was, but whatever!

So when I went to break this cake I was kind of like ‘aweeeee man I cannot mess this up!’ and so I looked at it for a bit https://www.instagram.com/p/BX9dbjvAFaO/?taken-by=liquidproust

Nothing really unique about it… boutique tea, special name, pretty stuff… let’s see.

So I drink this and it reminds me of fuzzy peaches… that is really all I can say because I highly doubt anyone else will have that experience but if they do… fuzzy peach puerh sounds amazing!

Daylon R Thomas

I looked at some and I gotta say some of the pictures are pretty as hell. Some look tempting.

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