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I bought this infusion with dried fruit without added sugar or any further treatment in a specialized tea shop in my home town of Louvain, Belgium some time last year, waiting for summer to come and offer me plenty of occasion to make iced tea.
The way I prefer to proceed to make iced tea is as follows : I put a few teaspoons of the infusion in a paper tea filter, I first rinse a tea pot with freshly boiled water and then poor the rest of the kettle onto the infusion filter and just leave it overnight. The following morning I then fill a glass bottle (type of old lemonade bottles, which can be reused) I leave in the fridge over summer (and just refill when needed with tea at room temperature). It makes a nice change to the tap water I prefer to drink the rest of the year.
The first time I made a batch, I had used about 3 teaspoons of tea, which made a quite intensely flavoured iced tea. Recently brewed it was maybe better, so I readjusted the dose (to 1.5-2 teaspoons which is quite little, as far as I can tell from my experience) in order to get a lighter cold drink. Both in nose as in mouth the cherry (and hibiscus) comes through as very natural, and the small dosage means it´s a great quality as well. So, just as I like it for my summer drink-to-turn-to when at home.

Flavors: Cherry

8 min or more 2 tsp 34 OZ / 1000 ML

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