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My family had this tea cake in the cupboard and I just tried it over the holidays. I like this tea. It’s a little bit bitter on the first steep, but overall has an underlying sweetness that I like. It tastes a bit more complex than the What-cha pu-erh that I tried recently. It has some flavors that remind me of Yunnan Blacks. There’s a spiced taste I’ve found in Upton’s Yunnan tea, and the dark earthiness that I’ve tasted in other puerhs. I find I really like the wet fermented puerh taste, and it’s pretty comforting on a fall day. It kind of reminds me of the smell of wet moss.

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2014 long run tea. 826 by spring tea group review

Ru Yao dragon teapot gongfucha.

Dry leaf: musty.

Wet leaf: earthy, sweet little to no fermentation funk.

1x long rinse

Light steep: I taste/smell; little to no
—> camphor, mushrooms. Light -→ cream, earth/fermentation.

Medium steep: I taste/smell; light
—→ camphor, mushrooms, cream, earth/fermentation.

Heavy steep: I taste/smell; medium
—→ camphor, mushrooms, cream, earth/fermentation.

All in all a wonderful tea! Nice aromas and flavours. The cha qi is nice and calming. the texture of this tea is creamy. and so, i rate a 100

Thanks AllanK for this sample!

Flavors: Camphor, Cream, Creamy, Earth, Mushrooms

200 °F / 93 °C 12 g 6 OZ / 165 ML

This tea was not sold to me by Spring Tea Group but purchased on Taobao and it was already in the catalog.


i was going to use that but you said spring tea group


No I did not say I got it from Spring Tea Group, I said Spring Tea Group sells Long Run Tea in the USA. I told you I got it on Taobao.


Spring Tea Group doesn’t sell all Long Run Tea, just a certain percentage. They don’t sell this one last time I looked.

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