Sisters of the Black Moon

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Okay, so my tin is many-many years old (maybe 8?), so that may be the reason that I’m dropping my rating. It’s nice, and makes a decent iced tea, believe-it-or-not. But it no longer rates a teagasm in my book. What ultimately tips the scale is that I recall this tea being quite expensive, and it’s not worth the price. If you want to have a wonderful smoky tea, then try Upton Tea Import’s Black Dragon, or Oliver Pluff & Co’s Colonial Bohea. NE

3 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

Saving these to my wishlist. I love smoky teas!


Oh my gosh, Shae – you will LOVE the Upton Black Dragon. It’s not overly smoky, but I’ve had coworkers who are like “wait, are you eating bacon?” when I’ve steeped it there. Heh.


That sounds amazing!


I second Black Dragon, and also Lapsang Crocodile from Dammann Freres or the same name from The O Dor are AWESOME. I also really like Russian Caravan from Grace Tea Company. It is a shelf staple.

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I’ve been following a hard-core “not allowed to buy new tea unless it’s the one I’ve been drinking non-stop for months” rule. And I’d been doing really good too — until this tea.

I stumbled across the tea after checking out the Sisters of the Black Moon’s essential oils based on an online recommendation. And I love me some smoky tea, so I bought it on an impulse. I’M SO GLAD THAT I DID!

It’s a small amount of tea for the price, but after my first cup (about an hour ago) I bought two more tins.

It’s like two of my favorite teas (Rosy Earl Grey and Black Dragon) had a tea-baby. It’s wonderfully smoky in a perfect smoky-way, but the bergamot — OH the bergamot! This is a deliciously wonderful smoky floral tea — I didn’t know such a thing could exist. It’s done the rare thing where I feel like in the after-taste the underside of my tongue goes “squee!” I just get an overall wonderful taste sensation (gosh, that sounds like a terrible tv ad) that is crazy-rare for me with tea.

If you like smoky tea and have some extra tea money, then I cannot recommend this enough. Seriously, it got me back onto Steepster after another embarrassingly-long absence from Steepster. TG

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