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drank Butter Truffle by SereniTea House
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Hmm. This seems like a case of the missing tasting notes, because this is a tea I’ve had for ages. I believe it came from amy oh, and I definitely drank it while I was still in full-blown tea reviewing mode. And since it’s so weird, I’d definitely have written about it…

So yes, a mystery. Anyways, this is a weird one. It’s oddly savoury, and I believe it contains things like cumin/coriander. Yet it’s named “Butter Truffle”. Doesn’t match up, to me. I can’t properly review this now, because it has definitely aged, but it’s an odd combination of flavours with an even odder name. I’d be interested to try it fresh, and also interested to know how/why it came to be named as such.

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Thanks for a sample of this one a while back, Beorhthraefn! I’ve actually had this one before but from ESP Emporium (the same name though!) I do like that blend, so it’s nice to revisit. Such an odd mix of ingredients that work anyway. It has its own flavor! So it’s tough to describe. I see peppercorn, almonds, pistachios, all within a black tea that matches the flavors. Not too strong or light. In either case, not sure what a butter truffle is, but there seems to be a sweet mild orange flavor.

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Thank you so much Beorhthraefn for the tea package! I really appreciate it! I LOVE these types of mint and chocolate combinations. They seem to make anything intolerable about rooibos disappear. They make rooibos BETTER. This particular blend is exceptional. The right amounts of chocolate and mint. There is also coconut in this blend — the flavor of coconut doesn’t come through but probably adds a bit of smoothness. This type of blend tops my list of dessert teas, for sure. I’ll definitely need to enjoy this one before the coconut goes bad and I must remember how nice mint is even when I don’t have headaches. Delicious delicious. :D

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