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drank Lipový květ Ze Svojetic by AAlia
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Before haiku day is over -

Covid Vaccine Two
Why are you kicking my butt?
Time to have some tea.

So Thursday I decided it would be a great idea to exercise extra and ended up with really sore pecs and shoulders. Friday I got my second vaccine. Friday night I am feeling great. Saturday morning, arm is sore but feel good so I make breakfast, clean the bathtub, fold and store the winter linens…

Right before lunch was the uh-oh. Aching, headachy, so cooooooold.

A long time ago I read the linden is good for fevers but only recently found out from derk’s note it is good for the old schnozzola, the schnoz, the snoot, the stuffy nose. And I am having issues with stuffiness today which could be from the shot and could be from the gallons of pollen dumped on us lately.

I put on sweats and laid in the sun trying to get warm and took a cup of this out with me.

I didn’t know it was going to taste good. I expected medicinal and maybe something akin to chamomile, but it was really sweet and smooth and had a distinct light honey taste.

I don’t know if it was the tea or I was just starting to get better, but I felt like eating at last after I drank it.

Thank you, Martin, for sending it to derk, and thank you, derk, for sending it to me!

Martin Bednář

You are welcome!


My pleasure :)

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I bought this tea especially for derk, but I saved some funny amount (I think about 1 gram maybe?) to brew sometime. Tilia cordata, a Czech national tree, is about 30 meters (98 ft 5 inch) tall deciduous tree. And its flowers and leaf is used in traditional Slavic medicine against cold. And as I feel like having a cold today, I decided to brew it.

Those leaves (ehm, rather the flowers!) are super fluffy and best looking ones I ever saw for a linden! They are whole, and as they declare on their website, it’s from single tree on their farm which is 140 years old!

What I am to supposed to say about the tea? It’s linden. Tastes good. Kind of honey-ish. Fresh. Mouth coating and throat-coating. Warming.

ashmanra, I hope derk will send a little to you as well! It is so light yet so flavourful and strong!

The pictures are acurate.

Martin Bednář

I feel it is working. Feel much better afterwards!


Very cool! And from a single tree of such age…it is neat to know the background. Glad you feel better!


As you wish, Martin :)

Martin Bednář

Yes, I wish derk. Sharing is caring :)

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